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"Through a Prophet a Nation was Preserved"



After receiving a prophecy that art would come forth from my hands, in the form of painting and drawing I knew God had elected me to be His artist, sometimes He can have such a sense of humor, not calling the qualified but qualifying the called. After 6 months of hesitation and doubt, I finally took the leap and did my first big drawing. I specifically decided to do a drawing of our Prophet and his wife to be able to give back, to give back my first fruits to God and show Him I really am serious about this.

All I can say is the rest is history, I got the picture framed, I loaded it into my car, it fitting in with a centimeter to spare and took it to church. Waiting until the service finished I rushed to my car, collected the drawing and presented it to our man of God, Prophet Leon du Preez.

Almost not knowing what to say, stumbling upon my words I just pressed it into his hands and said “thank you” what made the moment almost so surreal was that Prophet didn’t know what to say either. He was astounded, shocked. In that moment of time I knew that this is what I needed to do. Art.

After months and months passing of me not thinking I was good enough and how CAN I be an artist?! That moment shed light on every insecurity and doubt that ever crossed my mind.

I was elected and chosen for a time like this. God knew that one day a drawing I created would be hanging in the office of a Prophet which was elected before the foundations of the earth were created and that multiple Pastors and Apostilles would be seeing it.

How amazing. Truly a nation was preserved through a Prophet.

Our Minchaney Promises:

  • Proudly South African Art
  • 100% Original Artwork
  • Quality and Originality

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