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“It’s Only You” – Collection 2/2


R 1,499.00

It’s in the very silent moments that we have with God, where our mind is stretched to such an extent that we believe what just happened was almost surreal, we doubt the incredible moment we had just experienced with God could not have been real. But it is oh so real, God judge’s imagination more than reality because to Him imagination is so much more real than what reality is to us. His very spirit fills ours so much than we actually experienced an infilling of Him inside of us. A spiritual inpouring and refreshing. How incredible?

The surreal moments with God are actually the most real. Treasure them.

Dimensions 1.5m x 0.90m

Our Minchaney Promises:

  • Proudly South African Art
  • 100% Original Artwork
  • Quality and Originality

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