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“It’s Only You” – Collection 1/2



The first of two. A collection so dear to my heart. A place so specific, a place where I could encounter God over and over, next to the peaceful but oh so loud crashing of the waves. The place where God drew a line with His finger and declared the waters not to surpass the demand he lay down there. A place where you as a mere human stand and all worries of life take you by. A place where you feel so insignificant but so worthy in the same moment, only God could understand what that fully means.

Next to the ocean waves crashing, I lift my hands to you and say thank you, I come to you with a grateful heart, knowing that I didn’t choose you Lord God, but you chose me.

I trust you, I believe you, I have faith in you, I love you oh God so near to my heart.

Dimensions 1.5m x 0.67m

Our Minchaney Promises:

  • Proudly South African Art
  • 100% Original Artwork
  • Quality and Originality

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