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"Baring the Soul"


R 2,199.00

 Dimensions 1000mm x 800mm
Baring the soul. 👇🏼

That’s what artist’s do.
We take moments, imprints, memories, trauma, happiness, sadness, past events, thoughts and imprints that flood our minds, then turn it into a tangible object.

We call THAT art.

Oh, if only you knew what went on in this mind.
I close my eyes and reach for a certain idea, word, sentence, memory and hold it in my hand before I bare it to the world.

We are sensitive and shy.
But we are willing to bare this history with a audience so that we can make something called a living.
And for purchasing that-
I say thank you 🤍

Our Minchaney Promises:

  • Proudly South African Art
  • 100% Original Artwork
  • Quality and Originality

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