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About Chardonel

Hello there you..
I want to say thank you for taking time to view my virtual art gallery and having a interest in it.
Let me start by saying this has not been a easy journey in any way.
I am actually a qualified chef. BUT that was NOT what the Lord had intended for my life. I have always had a creative side but never thought much of it while growing up. Only in high school was this creativity slowly awoken in my life. This high school offered art as a subject  and that is where I took my first leap of faith, by taking art as a subject. Therefore I am completely self-taught. 

After working in the industry as a chef for two years, I quickly realized that is not where my heart belonged and found myself leaving the industry confused and heartbroken.
After much re-evaluation and finding myself turning back to God the Lord through a Prophet gave me a word to turn back to my creativity and dive deep as doors will be opened for me.
Thus giving it my all, what you see here is what the Lord has blessed me with.
For that I am eternally grateful.