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"African Soil"

Oil | In stock

Africa: Originated from the Egyptian word “Afru-ika”which is translated to “Motherland"

 Dimensions 1200mm...
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Charcoal | In stock


South African scenery reminding us of the beautiful country we live in.

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Oil | In stock

severe in manner or appearance.


 Dimensions 1000mm x 800mm

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"Baring the Soul"

Oil | In stock
 Dimensions 1000mm x 800mm
Baring the soul. 👇🏼

That’s what artist’s do.
We take moments, imprints, memories, trauma, happiness, sadness, past events, thoughts and imprints that flood...
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"Calm in the Storm"

Oil | In stock

“Calm in the Storm” 

Just breathe..

This art piece would look beautiful in a minimalist space and would draw attention to a dull/open wall. Swipe to see how the texture of this painting...

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Charcoal | In stock
Dimensions 945cm x 670cm


This inguni was a special commission as it was a surprise birthday present.

Client Review

JD’s dad gave the picture to his girlfriend...

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"Into the Forest."

Charcoal | In stock

This charcoal sketch was a commission.

We took the couples favorite song, used the music video to capture the perfect scene and then changed it up to make it their own.

This unique piece is one of a kind...

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"Look Within"

Oil | In stock
“Look Within” 2/2 🌊

There is nothing outside of yourself. Look within, everything you want is right there. Stop comparing, stop the insecurities, stop putting yourself down. The Author of your story knows the end before...
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Charcoal | In stock

The beautiful Oldenburg wine farm.

A gem hidden deep in the banghoek valley off the beaten track.

This wine farm is so incredibly special, I took out my camera and took a few shots around the farm, got back...

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Oil | In stock


The definition of overcome is “to get the better of in a struggle or conflict; conquer; defeat: as in ‘to overcome the enemy.’”  It also means “to prevail over (opposition, a debility)

But the greatest overcomer of them...